Sell Your Diamond Jewelry

The International Institute of Diamond Valuation (IIDV) -- part of De Beers, the world's leading diamond company -- has partnered with Fey & Co. to provide a reputable, no-cost, safe and competitive valuation process to purchase any diamond jewelry you wish to re-sell. Services include:

1. Easy and Free valuations
2. Expert, 9-step identification process
3. Highly-competitive market price quote

IIDV's Free Evaluation

IIDV's Free Evaluation

Depending on the characteristics of the diamond jewelry, a customer will be offered a choice between Send-Away or In-Store Valuation.

Send-Away Valuation: Your diamond jewelry piece is sent for free (and back for free if needed) to IIDV's (a DeBeers company) laboratory in New York where IIDV conducts and exhaustive expert evaluation using some of the most advanced technologies available in the market.

Once a piece has been accurately valued, IIDV provides a Market Price Quote, which is then communicated to you through Fey & Co.

In-Store Valuation: This option is quicker, but less accurate and relies on us to conduct an on-site identification of the jewelry piece.

Based on this evaluation, IIDV then constructs a Market Price Quote and conveys this information to you through Fey & Co.

Free Expert Evaluation

Have an Expert Give You a Value

What is Identification? When diamond jewelry is sent away to the IIDV (a DeBeers company) laboratory for a full evaluation, a team of expert gemologists utilize some of the industry's most-advanced technologies to determine the precise characteristics of your piece.

Based on the thorough identification of the diamond piece, IIDV will provide a Market Price Quote.

How does un-setting provide more value? The industry standard today is to evaluate diamonds while they are set within jewelry. We believe that this potentially could short-change you.

Unfortunately, it's not always possible to accurately evaluate a diamond unless it's unset from the jewelry piece. To compensate for the risk, expert appraisers may overestimate a diamond's color, clarity, weight and cut while profesional buyers typically discount the price offered to sellers by 10-30%.

By un-setting your diamond from its setting during the valuation process, we eliminate some of the 'risk discount' and provide customers with a truer estimate of a diamond's value when sold.

Market Price Quote

Free Quote to Sell Your Jewelry

Market Price Quote
Based on IIDV's (a DeBeers company) identification of the diamond piece, you will reieve a corresponding Market Price Quote based on market transaction data for similar pieces at a given point in time. IIDV has collected this data into a comprehensive database that is updated every week and contains more than 100,000 different prices for various types of diamonds. We believe that the Market Price Quotes are consistently, on-average, higher than our competitors and therefore, actually urge customers to seek alternative offers to see for yourself.

Time frame
For a Send-Away valuation, a Market Price Quote is normally communicated to the customer within 5 business days. An In-Store valuation can often be completed in a couple of hours.

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