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Haircut or Jewelry?

Haircut or Jewelry?

“I didn’t come here for a haircut … I came here for jewelry.” John Lackey, Chicago Cubs, August 3, 2016

On the eve of this historic Chicago Cubs World Series home stand, we are all in with the Cubbies. Even the suffering Sox fans among us are rooting for our North Side Neighbors.

After all, you have to love John Lackey’s extemporaneous advertisement for Jewelry back in early August. Thanks John for recognizing that jewelry is important to people. It serves to commemorate occasions and important achievements in our lives. You can wear it and enjoy it every day of your life. It becomes infused with all those memories and really becomes an important touchpoint between your present and past … and even future generations.

OK, maybe he didn’t mean all of that. But hey, haircuts don’t last very long while a Forevermark Diamond is Forever!

Go Cubs Go!

Tom Fey

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