Our Custom Jewelry Design Process

Jewelry tells a story… Your story. And if a custom piece is done well,it can become a family heirloom that continues to tell that story, adding new chapters for many years to come. Really, what better way is there to commemorate your engagement, your 25th anniversary or selling your company?

Our Custom Design process is fun, easy and extremely rewarding. Here is how it works.

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Will I know the exact price before I approve the design?

Always! And we will always try to respect and work within your budget along the way. We are about making you a piece you will treasure, not trying to upsell you.

How much can I expect to pay for my custom designed piece of jewelry?

In most cases, a custom designed piece from Fey & Co. is NOT more expensive than a comparable “off the rack” piece. Due to the intensive, one-time upfront labor in the design, most custom pieces start at over $1,000. Most of the time It is not feasible to custom design single pieces for less than $500 to $1,000.

How long will the custom design process take and what should I expect along the way?

It does vary. The design process may take from one to three weeks and then, depending on intricacy of design, workload, and time of year, it could take three to four weeks to perfect the final piece for you. Now is the perfect time to start!

How will I communicate with my designer?

Whatever way is most convenient for you. By phone, text, email, video call … and most likely a combination of these!

Will you teach me about metals so that I can choose the one right for me?

Absolutely. As local jewelry craftsmen as well as designers, we can fully educate you on the advantages and beauty of all the precious metals to help you arrive at the one right for you.

How about diamonds or gemstones?

We are experts in diamonds and gemstones and carry some of the finest in the world such as Forevermark diamonds which have a great story to tell about supporting the environment and the underprivileged communities from which they come. We will guide you through the process and you will be proud to have one of our gems in your new design.

What if I already have a center diamond or gemstone that I want to use?

We will always try to accommodate the use of diamonds and gemstones that may have emotional importance to you. There are some instances where for various reasons we will not be able to use them. We will let you know up front and explain why if we cannot use them.

Why do you ask about my interests, our relationship, where we met, etc., and how can you make my piece reflect our personal story?

We ask about what might be important to you so that we can show you some options of how we can bring your story to life through the design process. Sometimes small details can be weaved into the design that represent your story and be a constant reminder to you every time you see or feel your piece.

What if the person receiving the piece does not like it?

Our goal is to make everyone thrilled with their new piece of jewelry and we will work with you until that happens.

Can I work with you if I do not live in the Chicago area?

Absolutely. We have many clients across the country with whom we have done some really fun custom design work.