Ed and Tom Fey were born, raised, and went to college right here in Chicago. They are the third generation of a family of fine jewelers and diamond experts who have dedicated themselves to serving the distinct and discriminating tastes of their home town.

Since their grandfather, Edgar Fey, Sr. - originally a watchmaker for Marshall Field’s -opened the family’s first Fey & Co. store in LaGrange in 1945, the Feys have become known as not only the best diamond buyers in the business, but also trusted friends to their loyal customers – or “celebrated guests,” as grandmother Helen would say.

Edgar, Jr. brought a technical expertise to the diamond business that his sons, Ed and Tom, share. Their mother, Teresa, brought her passion for personal service (serving guests one at a time) and her unmatched eye for beautiful diamond jewelry knowing that the discriminating Chicago shopper was the key to their success. Their energy, enthusiasm, impeccable taste, and strong values have become the hallmarks of today’s Fey & Co.

The Feys’ golden rule: “Be fair and honest and respectful, and treat everyone like they are a celebrated guest of the family.”

Today, Ed and Tom Fey continue the family legacy started by their parents and grandfather. We all wonder what Grandfather Edgar would say if he saw his grandson Ed holding and admiring the Hope Diamond in the Smithsonian, or Tom inspecting the world’s largest piece of diamond rough (over 1,400 carats) in the inner vaults of DeBeers’ Diamond Trading Company in London.

We think he would consider today’s greatest achievement was that Tom and Ed designed their own exclusive-cut diamond, the Opus Masterwork Diamond, using the same mathematical and technical approach pioneered by his son, Edgar Jr., a life-long study that revolutionized how the world understands diamonds and is still used today.

But what makes all this extra-special is that Tom and Ed learned the diamond business and have come to make it their life, here, in Chicago. That they have their diamond stores here, in Chicago, and nowhere else. That guests who have purchased a diamond at Fey & Co. keep coming back, and send their family and friends to experience how a complex diamond purchase can be simple. Tom and Ed wouldn’t have it any other way.

We invite you to meet Ed and Tom Fey for yourself by visiting one of our three Chicago locations and explore your personal diamond jewel box there or here online.