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How to Buy a Great Diamond

How to Buy a Great Diamond

Explore some important FAQ's on how to buy an extraordinary diamond.

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Beyond the 4C's

Beyond the 4C's

Going Beyond the 4C’s. Forevermark and Fey & Co. deeply understand
the hidden nature of diamonds
and what makes one magnificent and another ordinary.
We proudly partner with Forevermark by DeBeers
to bring you the finest diamonds
from the mine to your finger.

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Devotion Diamond Patented Cuts

Devotion Patented Cuts

Diamonds that burn with a brilliance all their own

The patented Devotion Cut is the product of 30 years of development with the world’s most accomplished diamond cutters: a revolutionary new approach to revealing the inner brilliance of our hand-selected diamonds. Applying a deep understanding of how a diamond crystal interacts with light, Devotion’s own experts cut additional facets at key geometric points to reveal an Inner Blaze that is described as “alive.”

Devotion Diamond Service

Devotion Experience

All the tools and data needed to make a confident purchase

At Fey & Co. we pride ourselves on the special Personal Shopper level of service with our clients. When it comes time to create your Devotion with Forevermark Diamond jewelry, we will work closely with you to ensure the selection of a diamond, mount and jewelry design that precisely reflects your personal taste.

Devotion’s expert jewelers will hand-set your diamonds and precisely craft your custom jewelry with the aid of sophisticated CAD-CAM imaging systems. The result is an elegant, one-of-a-kind symbol of unmatched beauty and lasting luxury.

Devotion Diamond Design

Devotion Design

Unique custom jewelry hand-crafted in Vermont

Designed and hand-crafted in Vermont and expertly finished in their New York City facility by master jewelers, each Devotion engagement ring is custom-made and serialized: as unique as the woman who wears it. Their experienced designers have developed distinctive motifs found only in Devotion diamond jewelry. These designs are applied to extraordinary engagement rings in four diverse ranges – Vintage, Modern, Classic and Solitaire. Each range breathes fresh life into classic designs.