Varenna Jewel
Fey & Co. Varenna Jewel invisible set diamond pendant


These pieces feature the ultimate celebration of a diamond’s beauty. Naked, with no metal obstructing their brilliance these incredibly unique creations utilize the most difficult and most obscure technique only known to a few of the world’s master diamond setters.

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Fey & Co. Varenna Jewel Como Pendant with Green Amethyst and diamond


These minimalist designs feature natural gemstones custom cut in "Como" faceting. Each piece is individually hand made at the jeweler’s bench with 18K Yellow or White Gold with occasional subtle diamond accents.

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Fey & Co. Varenna Jewel One of a Kind and Designer Gems


Totally unique and one of a kind designs created with rare gems cut by the most famed and awarded Gem Designers of today as well as special gems deserving their own private design.

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These timeless designs form the celestial halo of hand-set diamonds surrounding and supporting the jewel at the heart of the design.

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Fey & Co. Varenna Jewel Pietra Collection in 18K Gold and Sterling Silver


This collection features an iconic Italian jewelry design element inspired by the ancient cobblestone streets connecting people together for generations. Precision diamonds and exclusive “Varenna Cut” gemstones are all hand-set into these designs of 18K Yellow and Rose Gold and Sterling Silver.

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Fey & Co. Varenna Jewel Citrine and Diamond ring in 18K Gold


Fun and playful designs all hand-set with diamonds and gemstones in meticulously finished gold of three colors.

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Fey & Co. Varenna Jewel Lago Collection Pendant with Amethyst and Diamonds in Sterling Silver


Designs featuring precious metals of Silver and 18K Gold combined with rich gemstone hues highlighted by the exclusive “Varenna Cut” gems surrounded by an undulating bezel of precious metal and diamonds reminiscent of the gentle waters lapping at the shore on a warm late afternoon.

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Fey & Co. Varenna Jewel Diamond Pave ring in 18K white and yellow gold


Exquisitely precise and painstakingly hand-set diamonds are featured in elegant and timeless designs of Platinum or 18K Gold. Many of the jewels surfaces are literally “paved” in diamonds, yet in a testament to the setter’s art as smooth as silk to the touch.

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Varenna Jewelry


These designs are created to endure. Unique yet timeless design with extraordinary attention to every detail of the hand-setting and finishing process. Precision diamonds decorate and caress the important center gem all held together in the finest metals of Platinum and Gold.

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Varenna Jewelry


Unique. Timeless. Expressive.

Jewelry that you love to wear today and will become the heirloom memories of tomorrow.

Designed and created in Chicago by the Fey & Co. Design Team, Varenna Jewels capture the spirit of Italian ease and elegance which served as its inspiration. A small, in-the-know community amongst the breathtaking beauty and glitzy glamour of Italy’s Lake Como, Varenna is a place where the famous can quietly enjoy a seaside café, you can take a cooking class from a famed chef or just get away from it all with the one you love. There is a little piece of Varenna in every jewel we create.

Each Varenna Jewel, executed with the highest standards of craftsmanship, meets the design philosophy of being unique, timeless and an expression of you. Your personal style choice of a Varenna Jewel expresses your belief in long term quality. Over the years as you wear your Varenna Jewel, like a vessel it will become filled with your priceless memories making it far more than just another possession.

What it takes to become a VARENNA JEWEL

Jewelry design should always start with an idea … a philosophy. Unique, timeless and expressive are the ingredients that make up a Varenna Jewel.


Jewelry should be unique and creative. Often the differences might be seemingly minor details, but when taken as a whole, create a unique, different and memorable piece of jewelry.


Your choice of jewelry is an expression of your personal style and it needs to be designed to be worn and enjoyed all the time.

Varenna Jewels are beautiful and the precious materials of diamonds and gemstones must be forever special because quality never goes out of style. And, since jewelry is an enduring expression of you, it must be made with respect and dignity with careful attention to people and environment.


Jewelry should pass the test of time. One of the most unique values of jewelry is that it is one of the extremely few things that is regularly passed on to future generations … and worn and coveted by them. For this, we believe in enduring designs made with the highest craftsmanship.