Harmony Collection - Family
The Harmony Jewel

Together the whole can be greater
than the individuals.

Harmony Jewel Necklace


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Where do you find your Harmony ... the place in your life where you feel fulfilled and "the whole" is definitely greater than the sum of its parts?

Your Family? Your Community? Your Work?
Your Soulmate?

Each Harmony Jewel is created from the world's best and most rare diamonds, designed to the most exacting details and artfully hand-set with seemingly impossible execution. Everything about it is responsibly sourced and locally crafted.

Where do you find your Harmony?
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Harmony Jewel Earrings

Harmony Jewel Earrings

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Where do you find your harmony?

Harmony Collection - Family

Is it your family ...

to whom you devote your life and which brings amazing love and joy to so many?

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Harmony Collection - Work

Is it your award-winning team at work ...

that you have grown, cultivated and lead to great success?

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Harmony Collection - Community

Is it your community ...

where you and your neighbors make such an impact daily on the lives of others?

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Harmony Collection - Soulmate

Is it your soulmate ...

With whom, together, you are much more than just the two of you individually?

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What makes the Harmony Jewel a Remarkable piece of Jewelry?

Locally and Responsibly Sourced.

Made in Chicago (and Naperville!), each Harmony Jewel is a product of our local community. The Forevermark diamonds are all responsibly sourced, adding value to the communities from whence they came. And all the gold is recycled or FairMined.

A piece you will be very proud to wear.

Harmony Jewel Design

The Design

Hundreds of planning hours and countless prototypes were required to perfect this unusual design.
Make no mistake, a Harmony Jewel is much more than a normal "diamond cluster."

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The Craftsmanship

Hand set by our experienced craftsmen at Fey & Co. with tolerances of less than 100 microns (just a little bit more than the thickness of a human hair) and precisely at the perfect heights and angles to maximize the fire and brilliance of the Forevermark diamonds.

Truly the meeting of the latest technology and old world craftsmanship!

Forevermark Promise
Forevermark Diamond Inscription

The Diamonds

Each Forevermark diamond is beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced. The precision of the diamonds in each Harmony Jewel is truly extraordinary and is the key to "the whole" being greater than the individuals.

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