Forevermark Tribute™ Diamond Necklace Set

SKU: FMT2000-2010-2030-0.86-WG


Three classic bezel set 18-karat white gold necklaces from the Forevermark Tribute™ Collection. Each necklace features a responsibly sourced Forevermark diamond. Set includes three diamond necklaces: one with an approximately 0.20 ct round brilliant Forevermark diamond, one with an approximately 0.33 ct pear brilliant Forevermark diamond and one with an approximately 0.33 ct oval brilliant Forevermark diamond. All necklaces are available in various sizes from approximately 0.14 ct to 0.50 ct. Necklaces are available for purchase separately. Prices may vary.

The Forevermark Tribute™ Collection celebrates the unique and brilliant woman who wears it. Each diamond jewelry piece can be worn stacked or layered to reflect your individual style and character. When combined, the look features multiple diamonds, paying tribute to the many qualities that together make you the incredible woman you are. Perfect for symbolizing your own distinct traits, or for celebrating the many qualities of a woman you adore.  

Learn more about why with Forevermark, "A Diamond is Forever"

Beautiful, Rare and Responsibly Sourced