Harmony Jewel Collection Oval Diamond Necklace, 4ct Look

SKU: F1316N-0V2.8-18W-FMD1

Harmony Jewel Collection, Forevermark diamond necklace featuring 12 round brilliant diamonds set in a round 18-karat white gold setting. Total carat weight approximately 7/8 ctw with an appearance of a 4 carat oval solitaire diamond. 

The Harmony Jewel honors the idea that together, the whole can be greater than each individual. Each Jewel is created from the world's best and most rare diamonds, designed to the most exacting details and artfully hand-set with seemingly impossible execution. Everything about it is responsibly sourced and locally crafted.

Learn more about why with Forevermark, "A Diamond is Forever"

Beautiful, Rare and Responsibly Sourced